The Stucco Studio “Kanon-Art” Piotr Szymkowiak is the company which have been working on the moulding market for over 10 years.

Knowledge and experience we have received from work in the moulder occupation since 1980’s and we constantly raise our experience to that big level which let us realize even the most complicated realizations. Onto results and successes of our company consist high qualifications and reliability of our workers.

We have got our own means of production for example: workshop which has 250m2 and which is located near the seat of our company, our own equipment and transportation. That makes we are able to do current continuation of the production with keeping time-limits during the orders realization.

We also have constant exposition of the example- profiles designs and architectural details. The Succo Studio “Kanon-Art” Piotr Szymkowiak except its main activity is also an authorized distributor of the KEIM company materials.

Consistently realizing, since the beginning of the company, aim is full customers satisfaction, which has confirmation in many references.

We look forward to a co-operation Piotr Szymkowiak