Our specialization is stuccoing articles and services which are realize on historic building (monumental) objects (the work is done with the Conservator of the Monument inspections) and also in the modern, contemporary buildings. During the realizations onto the monumental objects we can do all of the needed documentation which is Monuments Protection Service requirement. We co-operate with a lot of project-offices which have very good renown on the market. All of our realizations are made to individual orders with the guarantee of the unique design. We make a architectural details for the building insides and also for the elevations. To individual order we offer slight outside moulding on the polystyrene core which is used for the warming up systems. Separate division do sculpting work – architectural details types, figural sculpture and low-relief and copying entrusted sculptures. We also realize conservations of the stone details. We can also make projects of the architectural moulding details and elevations and interior design at somebody’s request. In accordance of the individual order we offer various finishing of the building for example: painting, patinizing, gilding, silver-plating, marbling, waxing, etc. We also do all types of plaster lighting fitting – plaster sconces for the traditional and halogen lighting or foot-lights with regulation of the light satiation. All of the made by us products can be installed by our workers, which give fool guaranty of the quality and service permanence.



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